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Based on a “whole of Yemen” approach, the “Supporting Peaceful Coexistence in Yemen” project aims to reach young Yemenis and strengthen their commitment to peaceful coexistence on a grassroots level. In a collaborative process of gaming, education and participatory co-creation, conflict-sensitive digital products are being developed in cooperation with local and international tech firms. In this context, it is especially important to include and amplify the voices of women and other marginalised groups and thereby to adhere to the principle of leaving no one behind. Due to the challenging context since the beginning of the war in March 2015, youth in particular has been affected by the lack of education opportunities. Arabia Felix aims for young people to recognise their responsibility for society, to become an agent of change and to apply the contents learned from the playful games in their everyday life so to strengthen their participation on a grassroots level.

Many of the activities carried out by the “Supporting Peaceful Coexistence in Yemen” project are pilot interventions in terms of digital approaches in Yemen. The Arabia Felix Hackathon was the first of its kind in the country and has now been picked up by other organisations. Furthermore, capacity building through co-creation workshops is particularly important for all activities. In this regard, the “Supporting Peaceful Coexistence in Yemen” project accompanied by young Yemenis, who were interested in gaming and participated at the Hackathon, on their way to set up the first gaming studio “Arkadia Studio” in Yemen. Back in the day, Arkadia Studio designed the first game box to promote the Arabia Felix games. Today, we are closely working with the team in the conceptualisation and production of our games. For these digital approaches, the “Supporting Peaceful Coexistence in Yemen” project was awarded the 2nd place for “Outstanding gamification for inclusion and diversity” of the “Gamification Europe” prize (2018) as well as the 2nd place of “The Spindle” award for “Best innovation for development” (2018). Besides, many of the “Serious Games” were among the top three most downloaded games in Yemen. Over the past years, “Supporting Peaceful Coexistence in Yemen” discovered the great potential of the Yemeni youth in this field that the country can really tap into.

All these success stories are only possible through an inclusive and people-centred approach that closely works with users and gamers to discover how the Yemeni youth can truly engage to establish peaceful coexistence at the local level. This includes a close exchange with Yemenis. Through our outreach campaign, the “Supporting Peaceful Coexistence in Yemen” Project received feedback from young people expressing gratitude for games that specifically addressed their situation. This shows us that Arabia Felix can be a tool for the younger generation to expand their horizons and to build a strong future.


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