Arabia Felix Magazine

In Yemen, there is a thriving youth population seeking social change and peaceful coexistence. The Arabia Felix magazine tells the stories of Yemenis trying to improve their own lives, their families, and their communities. We invite you to discover the possibilities of cooperation, peaceful coexistence, and imagination. History and potential solutions are woven into the articles. We discover heroes and cultures of peace and illustrate how the road to peaceful coexistence has already been paved. It provides readers with the opportunity to reflect and explore on the topics of peaceful coexistence. Explore this diverse country from within its borders as well as from abroad – all while being entertained by beautiful photography throughout each edition.

Edition #1

September 2021

Yemen is home to hundreds of valleys teeming with diversity – not just in their landscapes, but in the people who dwell in them.

Edition #2

December 2021

Hundreds of kingdoms and civilisations in the Arabian Peninsula, many dating back over 3,000 years, have left traces in Yemen.

Edition #3

January 2022

At the heart of any system is the common ground for individuals to relate to one another with profound mutual appreciation

Edition #4

June 2022

The ancient Yemeni proverb "The Fingers of the Hand Are Not Equal" points to a philosophy at the heart of coexistence

Edition #5

Spetember 2022

Build on Solid and Stable Land: This Yemeni proverb points to the wisdom of building on firm foundations

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