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Edition #4 June 2022

Arabia Felix Magazine

The Fingers of the Hand Are Not Equal

This ancient Yemeni proverb points to a philosophy at the heart of coexistence: the importance of embracing diversity while maintaining a sense of unity. Perhaps few things express this more profoundly than art. The enchantment of an artwork’s beauty is born of a synergy of elements in perfect harmony. Every colour, material, or perspective has a distinctive feature that sets it apart. When an artist brings these elements together, a symphony of coexistence emerges. The result is a creation that transcends the mere sum of its components.

In Taiz, the al-Shabahi neighbourhood ushers in Ramadan with annual festivities. © Albaraa Mansoor / Arabia Felix Magazine

Ramadan: Rising to the Occasion in Harmony and Humility

Eslah Saleh, Faiz al-Dhubaibi, Fatima Bawazir, Mohammed Ali Mahroos, Samar Abdullah and Zain Alaabdain Ben Ali

Upcycling the Waste of Warfare

Zain Alaabdain Ben Ali
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