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Edition #1 September 2021

Arabia Felix Magazine

In Every Valley, Make Yourself a Home

Yemen is home to hundreds of valleys teeming with diversity – not just in their landscapes, but in the people who dwell in them. Diversity thrives in the ways we remember our past and how we live in the present. The invitation to make a home in every valley, in this ancient Yemeni proverb, encourages us to find something familiar in every new place we visit. In this spirit of discovery, the Arabia Felix Magazine journalists take us on journeys through time and terrain. By forging an understanding with our neighbours, we can see a part of ourselves reflected in strangers. The possibility of making a home anywhere offers a chance to feel we truly belong wherever we land.

Yusuf al-Dahay and Tawfiq Haider (with a mask on). © Albaraa Mansoor / Arabia Felix Magazine

Coexistence amid Conflict

Fatima Bawazir, Faiz al-Dhubaibi, Eslah Saleh, Mohammed Ali Mahroos, Samar Abdullah, and Zain Alaabdain Ali
Al-Shanini market in Taiz, back in 1970s. © Fahd al-Durafi

Coexistence at the Marketplace

Eslah Saleh, Faiz al-Dhubaibi, Fatima Bawazir, Mohammed Ali Mahroos, Samar Abdullah and Zain Alaabdain Ali, Yemen
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