Souq Alhara

In a neighborhood full of people, the vegetable market there bothers the residents and hinders their movement until a pregnant woman dies because she could not leave her house. A group of young people intervened to resolve the dispute that lasted 15 years between the owners of the market and the people of the neighborhood… Will the problems finally end?
About the importance of dialogue in resolving conflicts for a safer life and a more interdependent society

Film by : Montaser Alkholidi

Montaser Alkholidi is a filmmaker and cinematographer from Taiz city. He graduated from Media Faculty. He worked as a cinematographer and director in some short documentaries and produced his first film in 2019.
What attracts Montaser the most about the filmmaking industry and made him leave pharmacy is the passion and the impact he can make through his works, adding to this his belief that art is an outlet for his soul.

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