Between Two Pictures

Sarah could only think of her father’s promise that he would take a picture with her. Finally, her grandfather agrees to make her wish come true. However, In the studio, something that changes everything happens!

About the importance of raising children on the values of peaceful coexistence and its role in creating a secure future

Film by : Saleh Alarosi

Saleh Alarosi holds a bachelor’s degree in Radio and Television from Sana’a University. He has many local and international artistic participations and his participation in humanitarian coverage that addresses displaced people situations. Saleh has also produced several humanitarian stories. He is passionate about filmmaking and visual content creation.

Saleh wants to make many fiction films and hopes to introduce the filmmaking industry to Mareb city. He also aims to create a team interested in documenting the Yemeni heritage and values and depicting the reality to show a better tomorrow.

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