Bullying Awareness Campaign: The Only Way to End Bullying Is to Talk About it

The peacebuilding work we do in Yemen doesn’t stop at our own initiatives. We also support local partners to raise awareness on other serious issues, such as bullying.

Our local partner organisation, Ambition Foundation for Development and Humanitarian Response, implemented a project called “Awareness campaign on bullying harms through social media” which aimed to reduce the occurrence of bullying locally.

The partner conducted a social media campaign to promote coexistence among different community segments and combat bullying. To get an understanding of what aspects are needed to tackle this issue, it enlisted input from psychologists, sociologists and media professionals.

The local initiative produced video clips for social media that show scenes illustrating different types of bullying, how to deal with it and its effects. Interviews showcasing people’s experiences of being bullied and how they coped with it have also been produced and shared. These success stories aimed to give hope and contribute towards the mitigation of bullying.

The videos are available on Arabia Felix’ social media channels, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

STOP Bullying -1

STOP Bullying -2

STOP Bullying -3

STOP Bullying -4

On Bullying: Interview with Elias

On Bullying: Interview with Hussein

On Bullying: Interview with Amin

On Bullying: Interview with Abdel Ghana
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