The Yemeni history is full of tales and legends. Play one of our Serious Games to find out more about the culture in Yemen and learn new life skills. Discover “the Secrets of Arabia Felix” and explore different aspects of Yemeni life, including conflict transformation and peaceful coexistence. Learn more about this country’s rich heritage and about bringing people together while having fun at the same time!

All games are available for download in the Google Play store here.

Al-Gaddah Challenge

A narrative game about non-violent communication.As part of the Arabia Felix serious game series, we created the 9th game – A narrative game about the communication struggles that everyone faces in their daily lives. Explore the life of 18-year-old Yasmeen, as she helps her grandma with chores, leading to issues at the local market.

This is a game about non-violent communication and how it can help, not only Yasmeen, but everyone who masters this skill, in transforming everyday issues into meaningful encounters.

Theme: A narrative game about non-violent communication

Paper Shelter

In Paper Shelter, an evil spirit has placed a curse on your town that turns everyone and everything into paper! Any communication or cohesion between the people is lost! It’s going to take some team effort in order to save the day! In this multiplayer card game, players must work together as if their lives depended on it! Cooperation will be key for victory against an opponent who thrives off of discord; by working with one another, each player can contribute to bringing back unity. Will you be a hero in time of need? Can your team find the way out before it’s too late for everyone?! Solve this multiplayer card game through cooperation, communication and unity to save your town!

Theme: Conflict transformation, peacebuilding, critical thinking, relationship building, cooperation


Rebuild a town, your beautiful town! Tuba, a town building game, gives you the chance to rebuild a destroyed Yemeni town with the help of IDPs. Saida, a local girl who’s been internally displaced, pleads the player to revitalise an idyllic Yemeni city and lead it back into prosperity. As you unlock and build more buildings, the town grows larger and people from different areas move back into their rebuilt homes. Be creative, rebuild your town’s infrastructure and fill it with parks, houses and community buildings!

Theme: Conflict management, peaceful coexistence

Republic of Sheba

The Republic of Sheba isn’t your average game. It tests your ability to take responsibility! You have three areas that need services and solutions, but they all require resources in an equal manner for stability, growth, and prosperity. Don’t just focus on one region; find a solution that will work equally well across them so the republic can finally enjoy peace again! It’s time to lead your people out of war-torn territory once more–show us how it’s done this time around as we look towards rebuilding our kingdom into something magnificent again! And the Queen of Sheba will be there to help you if you play smartly.

Theme: Democracy, decision making, strategy


Eduo Quest

Help! In Eduo Quest, the school needs fixing, the students are missing, a dodgy lizard and its rhino associate want to push you in a world of vice while two neurotic porcupines try to convince you to abandon school for war – and as if that wasn’t enough, the sheep just ate your homework! You’re challenged to solve a hilarious fast-paced series of puzzles until you finally manage to get your diploma, conquer your dreams and have an overdue little celebratory dance!

Theme: Education, gender


The Secret of Arabia Felix 1

In the Secret of Arabia Felix 1, a strange, ominous black snow starts covering the city after a terrible explosion in which you find a precious artefact. Explore your surroundings and use your persuasive skills to convince more people from the neighbourhood to let go of old grudges and collaborate with you to solve the mystery. By coincidence, the key to the hidden kingdom of Sheba can unlock precious answers on how to find peace and live in peaceful coexistence. Are you ready to discover the Secret of Arabia Felix?

Theme: Peaceful conflict transformation, reconciliation

The Secret of Arabia Felix 2

The adventure isn’t over yet. The city has fallen into chaos, and your skills are needed to overcome challenges posed by ghosts, ancient creatures, and even djinns. As you begin a new encounter in the forgotten Ancient City, your wits and compassion may help solve a mystery.


Eduo Run

Be swift as you gather supplies and achieve your goals–a stinky war monster is coming after you! Dudi, a berry-loving bird representing Yemen, will provide you with the challenge for each stage. But due to a severe injury, the bird needs your help to get back in shape. Each quest hints at the beauty and abundance of Yemen’s cultural and geographical diversity.


Arwa’s World

This game is the story of Arwa, a girl who dreams of becoming queen of Yemen. Players can intuitively follow her conquests that are woven into the puzzle, which consists of 13 stages. The player can collect ideas and shapes to help the heroine follow her path to success.



Riftless is a community app developed by another winning team, Patronus. The game revolves around a fictional world of five floating islands. Players begin on a single island and must complete a series of creative tasks and activities to restore tranquility to all five islands.


Carred is a community app developed by Double Jump, one of the winning teams. The game casts light on the importance of coexistence through the lens of Yemeni fairytales. Players help the game’s characters and learn more about them through hand-crafted storyboards.

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