The art of learning whilst having fun


Edutainment: Education + Entertainment = Fun

Education and entertainment frequently intersect, and when they do, we can enjoy the best of both worlds: rich delights and profound learning. Edutainment combines the words “education” and “entertainment.” It refers to any form of entertainment that is educational.

Our goal at Arabia Felix is to make learning as easy as possible by combining the best of entertainment with education. We do this by creating interactive content like the Arabia Felix magazine, the first season of our Serious Soap Opera and the Arabia Felix social media campaign covering exciting educational themes every month.


A Soap Opera with a Serious Purpose: The Hero Inside Us

The Hero Inside US tells the stories of six characters in contemporary Yemen, each experiencing different conflict situations that are both gripping and realistic. The series was filmed over a period of eight months in Sana’a and Aden.

Each episode is supported by a supplementary “beyond the story” segment in which presenters playing the role of “coexistence detectives” decode the storylines’ implicit messages. These short video clips break down scenes to explore the characters’ circumstances and highlight constructive vs antagonistic behaviour. Every plot deals with an aspect of conflict transformation, such as nonviolent communication.



You can watch all episodes of “The Hero Inside Us” in our YouTube channel. Gather your friends and loved ones and share the drama and excitement.

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