The role of technology and connectivity in distance learning cannot be overstated. The Arabia Felix e-learning courses empower Yemeni youth by giving them access to a huge amount of educational content available in its free online courses. E-learning means using digital media to support the learning process. A wide range of possible teaching formats can be used to accomplish this, including video lessons, animations, or storytelling. E-learning is more than just converting analogue content to digital. Our innovative Arabia Felix e-learning offerings revolutionise the entire learning process, from user-centric preparation to taking into account different learning styles that simplify knowledge transfer. Even with limited internet access, you can access the Arabia Felix e-Learning course material online and offline 24/7. They offer additional resources for those interested in diving deeper into a topic. Sharpen your skills and you can earn certificates upon completion.

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Arabia Felix Conflict Transformation Course

Free From beginner to advanced levels 

This self-paced online course helps you to get an advanced understanding of peacebuilding and conflict transformation in Yemen. The Arabia Felix conflict transformation course helps you to get an overview of the main concepts and challenges that shape the work in the peacebuilding field. 

It exposes you to the various tools and types of interventions utilized in the field and provides real-world examples that demonstrate the complex nature of peacebuilding. Do you want to become a peacebuilding champion for your community? Then this course is for you! 

What will you learn?

  • Key concepts of peacebuilding 
  • Cross-connections among different aspects of conflict transformation processes 
  • Reflect on your own role in local conflict transformation processes, especially within your community 
  • Practical tools and mechanisms to design and implement own peacebuilding actions 

Social innovation for Yemen

Free From beginner to advanced levels Welcome to Yemen’s first e-learning course on Social Innovation! This course on Social Innovation helps you to become a change maker in your community. You will be guided through a user-centred project conceptualisation process, also known as Design Thinking. It is a creative approach to problem-solving that starts with identifying people’s needs and ends with finding innovative solutions. Are you ready for this unique opportunity? Let’s make a difference, change maker!

What will you learn?
  • How to start a social innovation project – from developing the idea to managing and scaling the process.
  • Step by step guide through the human-centred process that leads you through ideation, understanding and empathy of yourtarget groups, and the definition of a problem statement, prototyping, and testing.
  • Overview of agile project management.
  • Introduction to gamification and serious games.
  • Basics of community building and management on social platforms.
  • The latest trends and best practices among top players in Social Innovation in Yemen
  • As a result, you will prepare a project paper that will be the basis for your own social innovation project!

Media for Coexistence

Free for beginner to advanced levels Available in Arabic only. Journalism is a powerful tool for non-violent conflict transformation. A conflict-sensitive approach to media production is a significant aspect of media for peaceful coexistence. This course is designed to introduce students and recent graduates of media faculties, as well as anyone with a basic understanding of journalistic principles to the methods, techniques and ethical standards that underpin reporting on sensitive topics. This six-chapter-course will provide learners with the access not only to what the profession entails but also give insight into its core values: helping bridge gaps between communities, giving a voice to those otherwise unheard and addressing the needs and concerns of all parties involved. The course covers concepts on media for coexistence, like journalistic impartiality or objectivity; as well as principles such as fairness, accuracy and balance with other viewpoints to be considered when covering stories related to sensitive social issues.   What will you learn?
  • Develop an understanding of the role of journalists during conflict.
  • Learn about the concepts and principles of journalism for coexistence.
  • How to analyse and evaluate the quality of media reporting concerned with conflict sensitivity.
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